1What strategy do we work on?

Currency arbitrage is the simultaneous buying and selling of a currency to take advantage of price differences in different markets. Transactions are usually made in two or more different markets, and often also involve multiple currencies.
2What is a managed account?
A managed account is an investment account that is owned by an individual investor and serviced by a money or professional manager. Managers obtain authorization from the investor to make investments in the futures / forex market in order to obtain commercial benefits. Managers do not have access to the invested capital, and can not withdraw money from it, and are only paid a performance commission.
3What is the performance fee?
You will be charged a 35% performance fee on the new benefits only if the total value of your investment becomes greater than the previous higher value.
4What is the minimum investment for an account managed by BrokersExpert?
The minimum capital to invest is $ 2000 usd. The capital you decide to invest must be divided into two accounts. The reason for dividing in two is that we operate an arbitrage strategy and we must hide our operations from the Brokers and for technical reasons we do it through two accounts. Important: These two accounts can be in the name of the same person but in different broker, if it is the same broker must be in the name of different people. Important: It is a strategy that brokers do not like very much, so at some point it may be possible that we should suggest a possible broker change. The ideal amount is $ 3000 dollars.
5Do you recommend a broker?
The brokers we recommend you find at http://brokersexpert.com/en/recommended-brokers, however you can use any one with the following conditions: Low Spreads Low commissions Excellent execution UK Servers (Required)
6How can I pay the performance fee?
The performance fee can be paid by bank transfer, skrill and Neteller.
7Are there any other monthly fixed charges?
No. The only amount to cancel is the performance fee that is equivalent to 35% of the net income for the month.
8Are other platforms accepted?
The service is only available for MT4.
9Can I cancel at any time?
10Do you send trading signals by email?
11Do you have a trading room?
12Is my investment safe?
The safety of your capital is as important to us as it is to you. You will be in an account in your own name and with exclusive access to you. Guaranteed by the terms and conditions of the contract between the investor and brokerage. The trader does not have direct access to the investments. The authorization is only given for trading in your account and receive the predetermined percentage of the profits obtained. Even so do not forget that trading futures and currencies is at high risk.
13Does anyone else have access to my funds?
No, you are the only one who has access to withdraw your funds.
14Can I withdraw my money whenever I want?
Yes. Just give a direct order to the broker and you can make as many withdrawals as necessary. You can also completely withdraw your entire investment. You should be especially careful not to withdraw money if there are open trades.