Account in Broker


Our strategy does not work in all Brokers, please consult in the chat or in the email for the broker that you can use, this varies depending on the country and the capital to invest.

The account of the broker will be in his name and is where he will have to deposit his funds.

The minimum amount for account management by is $ 1000 usd.

The capital you decide to invest must be divided into two accounts. The reason for dividing in two is that we operate an arbitrage strategy and we must hide our operations from the Brokers and for technical reasons we do it with operative swing and arbitration through two accounts.

Important: Accounts must be in the same broker but on behalf of different people.

Important: It is a strategy that Brokers do not like very much, so at some point it may be possible that we should suggest a possible broker change.


On your accounts will be run an arbitrage / hedging strategy, the idea is that a trade “SELL” is opened in one account and in the other account a trade “BUY”, in the moment there is an arbitration situation these operations are closed , and are replaced by two new ones with the same characteristics.

The main function of these two strategies is to mask the operation before the Brokers.

Also for technical reasons, every Wednesday before the closing of New York, all operations will be closed.

Rate Structure

Registration for our service is 400. Of this value we will return you 303 that you will be able to deduct them of the first performance payment that you make us the remaining 97 we will use them to pay the VPS where your accounts will be housed.

The cost of the VPS from the second month will be free for capitals greater than or equal to $ 10000 dollars and for people who open the accounts with our IB links (regardless of the amount), the others must cancel 97 corresponding to the vps.

You will only be charged on the performance of your investment.

There are no ongoing management fees or fees to exit the investment. Payments are only received if we make profits on your account. will charge you a monthly rate of return of 35% of the profits obtained.

How are earnings calculated?

All gains are calculated using something known as the Maximum Quotation Approach (HWA)

This is an industry standard approach to the calculation of incentive rates (yield rates). This means that incentive rates are paid only on new net asset value increases. If a temporary decrease occurs, it must be recovered before paying the new incentive rates. This ensures that we only receive a performance fee only if the value of the account exceeds its previous maximum.


Let’s say you start with $ 4,000 in an account, and during the month there is $ 2,000 of gross profit. Our performance commission would be 35% of $ 2000, which would be equivalent to $ 700. And your new balance would be $ 6000.

If in the next month there was a loss (which has not happened so far) of eg $ 600, there would be no performance fee pay as there is no profit, and your new balance would be $ 5,400.

Its maximum quota is still $ 6,000. Therefore there will be no performance fee deductions until the account reaches beyond that value.

Payment of Performance Fees


From your account in the broker will not be discounted any value by performance commission.

This payment must be made by bank transfer and Neteller.

You will be sent the information with the value to cancel by our management. This payment must be made within 5 business days otherwise will permanently suspend the service.

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